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With our perfectly tailormade hosting packages and our well defined web design and development packages you can be assured that your website is in good hands.

With our WordPress, Joomla or WooCommerce offerings in the standard hosting packages you have the possibility to design your own website. Our team is here to help you. From setting up a standard website to a customized presentation website, or even a full blown eCommerce website. We have the capabilities to help you and have your website up and running in no-time.

Too complicated or you just do not have the time? Get in touch and we help you out.

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We Help You with our Topnotch
Design Teams

Hosting Hero helps you with our topnotch web design & development teams.
We help you to create a best looking, brand-new website and to give you the chance to address your customers online.
Our Consultants and Developers all of have many years of experience in designing websites that are intuitive and great looking.
The world has different tastes and different cultures. Our GUI Specialists are aware of that and take your location into account to assure that our design also meets the local requirements of ‘looking great’

Do you have an existing website, and you want to get a new and improved one?

In this case, Hosting Hero can provide you with ideas and solutions to improve your current internet presence. A better and faster website with improved UX design is important for better customer experience and to end high up in the search engines.

Presentation Website

A presentation website is a type of website that is designed to promote and showcase a product, service, idea, or organization. It usually features information about the product, service, or idea, along with images, videos, graphics, and other multimedia content to help visitors understand and visualize what is being presented. The goal of a presentation website is to engage and inform visitors, and convince them to take action, such as making a purchase, signing up for a service, or supporting a cause.

eCommerce Website

An eCommerce website is a type of website that facilitates the buying and selling of products or services online. Ecommerce websites typically include a shopping cart, payment gateway, and checkout process. These websites allow customers to browse and purchase products or services from anywhere, at any time. Examples of eCommerce websites include Amazon, eBay, and Alibaba.

Static (fixed) Website

A static website is a type of website that contains fixed or unchanging content that is delivered to the user exactly as stored. It is constructed using HTML and CSS code and is usually created by manually coding individual pages or by using website templates. Static websites do not utilize server-side technologies, such as CGI scripts or PHP code, and do not require a database to store information. Due to its simplicity and fast loading times, static websites are often used for small businesses with limited content needs. However, it is not as interactive as dynamic websites because it does not have the ability to respond to user input.

Membership Website

A membership website is a type of website that offers exclusive access to its content, products, or services to its registered members. Users are required to have a membership account in order to access the content on the website. The website may be free or require a payment for membership. Membership websites are commonly used for online communities, subscription-based products or services, online courses, and other types of exclusive content. They often include features such as member login, payment processing, and content management.

Dynamic Website

A dynamic website is a website that contains dynamic content, which means the content on the website can change or be updated automatically based on certain parameters or user input. This type of website is often powered by a back-end server-side scripting language such as PHP, Ruby on Rails, or Python, which generates content dynamically when the user sends a request to the server. Examples of dynamic content that can be found on dynamic websites include news feeds, online stores, social media platforms, and forums, among others.

Personal Website

A personal website is a website created by an individual to showcase their interests, skills, achievements, or personal brand. It can include information about the person's professional background, education, work portfolio, blog, or personal projects. Personal websites are often used by job seekers, freelancers, entrepreneurs, or artists to promote their work and connect with potential clients or fans. Some people may also use personal websites as a platform to express their ideas, opinions, or hobbies.

Corporate website

A corporate website is a website that represents a company or organization online. It typically provides information about the company's products or services, its mission and values, its history, its leadership team, and other relevant information. Corporate websites also often include a section for investors and shareholders to access financial information and reports. The primary goal of a corporate website is to inform and engage the company's target audience, and to establish and maintain the company's brand identity online.

Educational Website

An educational website is a website designed to provide educational content to its users. These websites usually offer information, resources, and tools related to various academic subjects and topics and are often used by students, teachers, researchers, and anyone interested in learning. Examples of educational websites include online courses, academic databases, research portals, and educational games and simulations.

Crowdfunding website

A crowdfunding website is a platform where individuals, organizations, or businesses can raise funds for their projects or causes from a large number of people through contributions made online. It is typically used for entrepreneurial or creative projects, as well as social and charitable causes. Crowdfunding websites often take a percentage of the funds raised as a fee, and they can offer different reward tiers or equity options to backers in exchange for their contributions. Examples of popular crowdfunding websites include Kickstarter, Indiegogo, GoFundMe, and Patreon.

Communication (Social) Website

A communication or social website is a platform that allows people to communicate, connect, and interact with each other over the internet. It usually has features like messaging, commenting, sharing, and creating profiles or groups. Social websites are often used for socializing, staying connected with friends and family, networking, and promoting businesses or personal brands. Some popular examples of social websites include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and WhatsApp.

News Website

A news website is a website that provides up-to-date news and information on various topics, such as politics, business, entertainment, sports, health, and technology. These websites publish articles, videos, and images related to current events and often have a team of journalists, reporters, and editors who produce and curate the content. Some news websites also allow users to comment on articles and share them on social media platforms.

Portfolio Website

A portfolio website is a website that showcases a collection of an individual's work, skills, and accomplishments. It is commonly used by artists, designers, writers, photographers, and other creative professionals to display their best work to potential clients or employers. A portfolio website typically includes a gallery of the individual's work, an "about" section that provides background information about the individual, and a contact page to make it easy for interested parties to get in touch.


Our experienced development team is ready to integrate advanced functionalities using the latest technologies. This way, you can get the highest security level for your website and the users can enjoy a unique experience regardless with which device they are accessing your website.

An affordable website

Smaller or bigger budgets, it doesn´t matter. We can offer you different tailormade packages that meet your needs. The most important thing for your business is to have an online presence. More features can be added at any moment in time, based on your business needs and budget.

Hosting Hero provides affordable hosting solutions for everyone. From a personal homepage to a complex eCommerce solution. From a shared hosting solution to fully dedicated application servers.



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